Difros Okladias Stool Animal Legs

Difros Okladias Stool Animal Legs

Made of Greek walnut with crossed animal legs. Seat made of one piece of leather and loose cushion.

 Stools was made lightweight and easy to carry-the X stool.• The X-stool, also known as the diphros okladias, was easily movable and did not have a specific place in the home. It consisted of three animal legs pointed inwards and ending with lions paws.• These were used both indoors and outdoors.• When masters went out to stroll in the streets, the diphoros okladias was carried by a servant so that it would be ready immediately whenever he might “Diphros Okladias” wish to rest. X-frame style• Some of these were greatly decorated and used as backless thrones outdoor in similar manner. 12• X-framed stools enjoyed both popular and official status, the straight legged version (sella curilis) being used by magistrates. Greek Period.

Design taken from an earthen plaque of the middle of the 6th century B.C. in the State Museum of Berlin.

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